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 Ally McBeal: Ally:  Ally McBeal: Elaine:  Ally McBeal: Larry:  Ally McBeal: Richard:  Almost Home: Dorothy Jane:  American Dreams; JJ:  Beverly Hills, 90210: Brandon:  Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda:  Beverly Hills, 90210: David:  Beverly Hills, 90210: Dylan:  Bones: Angela:  Bones: Bones:  Bones: Booth:  Bones: Zack:  Brothers & Sisters: Rebecca:  California Dreams: [+] All Characters:  Dawson's Creek: Andie:  Dawson's Creek: Dawson:  Dawson's Creek: Pacey:  Desperate Housewives: Andrew:  Desperate Housewives: Bree:  Desperate Housewives: Female Characters:  Desperate Housewives: Gabrielle:  Desperate Housewives: Housewives:  Desperate Housewives: Julie:  Desperate Housewives: Karen:  Desperate Housewives: Mike:  Desperate Housewives: Parker:  Desperate Housewives: Susan:  Desperate Housewives: Tom:  Desperate Housewives: Twins:  Everwood: Andy:  Everwood: Bright:  Everwood: Bright:  Everwood: Colin:  Everwood: Ephram:  Everwood: Hannah:  Everwood: Harold:  Family Matters: Carl:  Family Matters: Harriet:  Family Matters: Steve:  Family Matters: Waldo:  Family Ties: Mallory:  Felicity: Noel:  Friends: Chandler:  Friends: Gunther:  Friends: Mike:  Friends: Phoebe:  Friends: Ross:  Full House: DJ:  Gilmore Girls: Dave:  Gilmore Girls: Dean:  Gilmore Girls: Kirk:  Gilmore Girls: Lane:  Gilmore Girls: Luke:  Gilmore Girls: Michel:  Gilmore Girls: Mrs. Kim:  Gilmore Girls: Paris:  Gilmore Girls: Rory:  Gilmore Girls: Sookie:  Gilmore Girls: [+] Gilmore Family:  Glee:  Will:  Glee: Artie:  Glee: Brittany:  Glee: Emma:  Glee: Finn:  Glee: Kurt:  Glee: Mercedes:  Glee: Puck:  Glee: Quinn:  Glee: Rachel:  Glee: Santana:  Glee: Sue:  Glee: Tina:  Grey's Anatomy: Cristina:  Grey's Anatomy: George:  Grey's Anatomy: Izzie:  Grey's Anatomy: Mark:  Grey's Anatomy: Meredith:  Grey's Anatomy: Miranda:  Joan of Arcadia: Joan:  Joan of Arcadia: [+] All Characters:  Law & Order: SVU: Casey:  Law & Order: SVU: Elliot:  Law & Order: SVU: Olivia:  life as we know it: Ben:  Melrose Place: Alison:  Melrose Place: Billy:  Melrose Place: Kimberly:  Melrose Place: Michael:  Muppets Production: Kermit:  Muppets Production: Miss Piggy:  Muppets Productions / Sesame Street: Cookie Monster:  OC, The: Luke:  OC, The: Ryan:  OC, The: Sandy:  OC, The: Seth:  OC, The: Summer:  Prison Break: C-Note:  Prison Break: Kellerman:  Prison Break: Michael:  Prison Break: Sucre:  Prison Break: T-Bag:  Roseanne: Darlene:  Roseanne: David:  Roseanne: Jackie:  Roseanne: Roseanne:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Harvey:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Libby:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Sabrina:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Salem:  Step By Step: Cody:  Torkelsons, The: Dorothy Jane:  Ugly Betty: Amanda:  Ugly Betty: Betty:  Ugly Betty: Female Characters:  Ugly Betty: GIo:  Ugly Betty: Henry:  Ugly Betty: Hilda:  Ugly Betty: Marc:  Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina:  Wonder Years, The: Kevin:  Wonder Years, The: Winnie:

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