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 27 Dresses:  40-Year-Old Virgin, The:  Adventures in Babysitting:  Anger Management:  Annie:  Armageddon:  Back to the Future Series:  Bad Boys:  Basketball Diaries, The:  Because I Said So:  Big:  Bodyguard, The:  Bounce:  Breakfast Club, The:  Bride Wars:  Bring It On:  Can't Buy Me Love:  Can't Hardly Wait:  Celeste in the City:  Christmas Story, A:  Clerks:  Client, The:  Clueless:  Confessions of a Shopaholic:  Corrina, Corrina:  Coyote Ugly:  Dead Poet's Society:  Death Becomes Her:  Die Hard: With a Vengeance:  Dirty Dancing:  Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights:  E.T.:  Enchanted:  Enemy of the State:  Failure to Launch:  Fast Times at Ridgemont High:  Father of the Bride:  Footloose:  Friday the 13th Series:  Genres: 1980s:  Genres: Christmas:  Genres: Comedy:  Genres: Dance:  Genres: Drama:  Genres: Horror:  Genres: Musicals:  Genres: Mystery:  Genres: Romantic Comedies:  Genres: Thriller:  Ghost:  Ghostbusters:  Girls Just Want to Have Fun:  Good Will Hunting:  Hangover, The:  He's Just Not That Into You:  Heathers:  Higher Learning:  Hitch:  Home Alone:  Home Alone 2:  How to lose a Guy in Ten Days:  I Am Sam:  In Good Company:  Lake House, The:  League of their Own, A:  Legally Blonde:  Lucas:  Men in Black:  Mighty Ducks Series:  Miss Congeniality:  Movies: Reese Witherspoon:  Movies: Tom Hanks:  Mrs. Doubtfire:  Muppet Family Christmas:  Muppet Movie, The:  My Big Fat Greek Wedding:  My Cousin Vinny:  My Girl:  My Girl 2:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:  Never Been Kissed:  Over Her Dead Body:  Overboard:  Overnight Delivery:  Parent Trap, The:  Pretty in Pink:  Proposal, The:  Pursuit of Happyness, The:  Replacements, The:  Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion:  Santa Clause, The:  Save the Last Dance:  Scream:  Scream 2:  Scream Series:  She's Out of Control:  Sister Act 2:  Sixteen Candles:  Sleepless in Seattle:  Spider-Man:  Spider-Man 2:  Sweet Home Alabama:  That Thing You Do!:  Thelma and Louise:  Two Weeks Notice:  Ugly Truth, The:  Walk to Remember, A:  Wedding Planner, The:  What A Girl Wants:  What Women Want:  When Harry Met Sally:  While You Were Sleeping:  Who Framed Roger Rabbit?:

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