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 Adventures in Babysitting: Chris:  Back to the Future: George:  Back to the Future: Marty:  Breakfast Club, The: Allison:  Breakfast Club, The: Andrew:  Breakfast Club, The: Bender:  Breakfast Club, The: Brian:  Breakfast Club, The: Claire:  Can't Hardly Wait: Kenny:  Can't Hardly Wait: Preston:  Celeste in the City: Celeste:  Clueless: Cher:  Clueless: Josh:  Clueless: Male Characters:  Coyote Ugly: Kevin:  Coyote Ugly: Violet:  Dead Poets Society: John:  Dirty Dancing: Baby:  Dirty Dancing: Johnny:  Dirty Dancing: Penny:  Enchanted: Giselle:  Enchanted: Robert:  Enchanted: [+] All Characters:  Failure to Launch: Ace:  Failure to Launch: Kit:  Failure to Launch: Tripp:  Father of the Bride: Franck:  Garfield: Garfield:  Garfield: Odie:  Ghost: Molly:  Ghost: Sam:  Hairspray: All Characters:  Hairspray: Link:  Hardball: Conor:  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Ben:  I Am Sam: Lucy:  I Am Sam: Sam:  Legally Blonde: Elle:  My Cousin Vinny: Mona:  Never Been Kissed: Josie:  Pretty in Pink: Andie:  Pretty in Pink: Blane:  Pretty in Pink: Duckie:  Save the Last Dance: Derek:  Scream: Billy:  Scream: Cotton:  Scream: Randy:  Scream: Sidney:  Scream: Stu:  Sister Act: Sister Mary:  Speed: Jack:  Sweet Home Alabama: Bobby Ray:  Sweet Home Alabama: Melanie:  Walk to Remember, A: Jamie:  Walk to Remember, A: Landon:  Wedding Planner, The: Mary:  Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!: Pete:  Winnie the Pooh Series, The: Eeyore:  Winnie the Pooh Series, The: Piglet:  Winnie the Pooh Series, The: Tigger:  Winnie the Pooh Series, The: Winnie:

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