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Got Dorky done! lol That's the Ace Fl in case you wondered. Visit here.

Oh, I moved Tom Fan over here. Visit here.
Posted on Jul 17 2006 by melissa
Thank You (Gilmore Girls episode 107) is now open. I'm too tired right now to add it to the current page, so just go visit it here.

Got approved for Zack/Kelly - Saved By the Bell, Bobby Ray - Sweet Home Alabama, and Ace - Failure to Launch.
Posted on Jul 16 2006 by melissa
I moved my Jane fanlisting over here. Haven't had a chance to make a new layout, though. I'm busy moving my sites and working on building new fanlistings.
Posted on Jul 11 2006 by melissa
I got approved for the Gilmore Girls episode, Kiss and Tell. That's the ep where Dean kisses Rory at Doose's. Love that one.
Posted on Jul 11 2006 by melissa
Phew! I finally got this site up. Hope you all like it. Right now I'm only hosting two fanlistings, but I plan to add more. :) I have not decided what all I'm going to do with this space, but right now this is the main hub for my domain.
Posted on Jul 08 2006 by melissa

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