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Now that I'm on break, I have been a busy bee.

I just finished If You Leave. Yep, I had to have the fanlisting for the song that inspired this domain name. :)

Chyler Leigh is done. I have become such a fan. :)

Allison & Billy is also finished. They are one of my favorites from Melrose Place. -grin-

I have also finished up My Cousin Vinny. Thanks so much to Missy for letting me adopt it. I'm a big fan. It's such a cute movie. I'll be sure to link it here after I get the member list.
Posted on Dec 15 2006 by melissa
I just finished Josh from Clueless. Wow, I really need some new ideas. All my fanlistings look the same. It will have to wait, though. I have exams coming up.
Posted on Nov 30 2006 by melissa
I just finished Jackie Harris. Laurie was great as the Jackie character. I do miss Roseanne.

EDIT: I finished up DJ/Steve. Yes, I still watch Full House. Shutup! laughing DJ and Steve were one of my favorites couples when I was a kid.
Posted on Nov 25 2006 by melissa
Today I finished up Raleigh. Raleigh is one of my favorite cities in NC. :)
Posted on Nov 24 2006 by melissa

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