We love her anyway.

So she's a bit neurotic. Sure, she has her faults: being an obssessive-compulsive homemaker (who is the best at what she does) can only get her so far before her perfectionism starts getting on your nerves. But she has a kind, generous, sincere heart that always means well, an uncompromising will that chooses the do what she thinks is right, and a magnanimous concern for her family and friends. She's part anal-retentive, part perfectionist, sometimes desperate, often benevolent, always proper, and but wholly and authentically Bree. We love her for everything she is.

Welcome to the Bree van de Kamp-Hodge Fanlisting. Love Bree? Then please join the list. Thanks to Ai~ for letting me adopt the fanlisting and for using her great layout! Former owners are Gracelyn and Daphne!

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